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heyy I havnt ate today but it's only 3.50pm so still have a few hours till bed and I'm sooooo hungry I hate this :(
the whole day iv just thought about eating something small then not eating then giving up argh I hate being hungry but I love the feeling at the same time if you get me (:

I supose today has been okay so far! just have to do a workout then it would be perfect tbh and not eat anything

does anyone get dizzy when fasting? I feel light headed and worn out but duno if it's cause I'm stressing over everything that is going wrong right now or just because I havnt ate :S

hope you'd are doing okay (:
stay strong <3


Jan. 20th, 2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
I always get dizzy, and pass out.
Im anemic, but when I dont eat it escalates to pretty much everytime I move heh.
If I get like that I usually have a can of redbull and some salad